All teams will receive details reglement upon arrival at the tournament.


Laudon Cup is a young tournament for boys and girls in these age categories:
MB – Boys – born January 1, 2003 – December 31, 2004
MC – Boys – born January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2006
WB – Girls – born January 1, 2003 – December 31, 2004
WC – Girls – born January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2006

In the appropriate category can start younger boy players and younger girl players. If the board game player who is older than allowed by order of the tournament, the team will be eliminated from the competition and the game will not count. Everyone player in one category can play only for one team. In the tournament can start clubs, school teams and regional selections.


The tournament is played in two indoor halls with dimensions of 40 m x 20 m.


The tournament is played according to international rules approved by the IHF, with some modifications.


B – Boys, B – Girls and C – Boys playing with a ball with a circumference 54-56 cm,
C – girls playing a ball with a circumference 50-52 cm,
A team that is mentioned in the fixtures in the first place, will deliver the regular match ball above dimensions. The organizer reserves the right to add to its own match ball. It is possible to use handball glue marks TRIMONA. Other handball glue and grafting waxes are prohibited!


Play time:
Category MB and WB play 2 x 15 minutes with a break of 2 minutes.
Category MC and WC play 2 x 15 minutes with a break of 2 minutes.

The organizer will deliver the official tournament ball for each category. The balls will be SELECT marks – HB Maxi Grip self-adhesive. Adhesives and gravel waxes are forbidden!


Every club have to fill the roster of all their teams before their arrival (the latest on the day of arrival). Roster includes players, who can play for a particular club team logged by reglement. Team Rosters also contains at least one of the team manager. Every team transmit the completed roster to scorekeeper before the game  appropriate halls, without which they can not go to the match.

Playing system

The basic groups are compiled by the organizer. In these groups play everybody with everybody (round-robin system). According to placement in the basic group are included teams in the playoffs.
Playing system in each category depends on the number of registered teams. The organizer has the right to change it.

Methods of progress

As the flow of key basic groups and the main final group, the first decision of advancing
the applicable criterion of:
1) greater number of points obtained in the group
2) greater number of points obtained from mutual matches
3) greater goal difference from mutual matches
4) greater number of goals scored from mutual matches
5) greater goal difference in all matches in the group
6) greater number of goals scored in all group matches in
7) los in the event of a tie playoff matches, final matches and the match for third place, the game decides so. “Sevens”.

Verification of identity

For possible inspection, the participants are required to show a passport or ID card containing a photograph. Organizer required for reasons of control, that all participants have the aforementioned documents proving identity at all times. The organizer does not belonging to a particular club players the regulations in the various federations in Czech or foreign teams. Every participant (player or official) have to have also completed a subscription card (Activity Card) issued by the organizer during the tournament on one’s person.

Health insurance

The organizer points out that every player in the tournament at their own risk. The hall will be present medical service in case of first aid and treatment of minor injuries. In the event of an injury that will require hospital treatment, the cost of the treatment event. hospital stays covered by the participants themselves. The hospital treatment is necessary to always have with you your health insurance card or proof of insurance abroad.

Jury tournament

All the cases specified in the Rules or in handball IHF official règlement tournament will be resolved jury tournament. Jury tournament also resolves all protests, appeals and complaints about the course of sports tournaments.


Awards best teams

The organizer of rewarding prizes the most successful teams of the tournament, ie teams placed first, second and third place in each category. This team will receive a prize in the form of the original Cup. Cooperatives on the first, second and third place will receive medals in the number of players the team. Awards best teams will take place within the announcement of the tournament after the final matches of the individual categories. The organizer of rewarding small souvenirs best shooter and goalkeeper various categories. Also they will be announced and prizes awarded MISS and Missak tournament. The organizer reserves the right to change the scope and method of valuation of the best teams.