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The picturesque town of Novy Jicin, on the southern edge of Moravian Gate in Podbeskydská heights, probably originated in the 80s of the 13th century at the crossroads of important trade routes from Poland and Silesia to Bohemia and Hungary, which had a positive influence on his development. The oldest written mention of the city is from the year 1313. This is evidenced by a document issued by King John of Luxembourg, which grants the town the right to collect tolls.

Novy Jicin boasts an unusually high number of sites that make up the urban conservation proclaimed in 1967. The cultural sights worth seeing regular square that has no precedent in the Czech Republic. We can find valuable burgher houses lined by arcades on all four sides. Among the many beautiful buildings stands a notable renaissance building with two-storey loggias, known as the Old Post Office. Strong house in the square is undoubtedly also tweaked the Town Hall clock tower and walkway. The center of the square is decorated with a plague column from the early 18th century and a stone fountain with a sculpture of dancing peasants. At the central area of ​​the square is also to see the statue and fountain St. Nicholas is here outlined a path that in the past the square diagonally led. A new element of the square is a waterworks, representing nine fountains, called Fountain of time. The monumental appearance of the square nicely complements the Neo-Baroque helmets of the Renaissance gallery church tower Cathedral of the Assumption. Hexagonal bastion near the temple is an important part of the preserved town fortifications on the southeast side of town from the 1613th

The oldest monument in the city’s Gothic castle of the Lords of Kravaře, built in the late 14th century. Built in its place during the 15th and 16th centuries comfortable Renaissance castle, hiding inside a small urban citadel, built in the times of the Turkish threat. Today the building Žerotínský Castle Museum of Novojičínsko is constant and its kind of a unique exhibition of hats, which are in manufactured since 1799. The original exhibition dedicated to the technological process of production of hats you see in the Visitors Center Novy Jicin – city of hats. The interactive elements of the exhibition will experience an active tour, during which you discover the magic hat emergence from the initially obtained raw materials to final product ornate. Visitor center is located on Masaryk Square in the so-called. Laudon house where the famous Austrian marshal died in 1790. Now General Laudon is dedicated to the new interactive exhibition.

The city is an ideal starting point for excursions into the near and distant surroundings. The whole area is interlaced with hiking trails, biking trails and nature trails. For nature lovers, forest park on the outskirts of Skalka. For recreational purposes are served by the water reservoir Čerťák, where in addition to swimming and sport fishing. Just 3 km from the center of the ski resort Svinec.


EXPOSURE general Laudon

Exposure General Laudon located in a renovated house at Laudon at Masaryk us. no. 45, the so-called. “Laudon’s House”, which houses the Visitor Centre Novy Jicin – town hats, branch Novy Jicin.

Exposure takes you through all the stages of the general’s life and also describe the nature of the historical period.

Interactive exhibition is designed for young visitors and for the historical experts.

“In 1790 near Novy Jicin gathered a large army with which he had Marshal Ernst Gideon von Laudon attempt to reconquer for Austria lost Silesia. The military inspection fortifications in late June Laudon fell ill and had to be rushed to Novy Jicin and lie down. On 14. July in Novy Jicin dying. in 1800, grew up in a musical floor ballroom – supposedly the second largest in Moravia, after Brno. the building is from the early 19th century turned into a tavern. on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death Laudon was unveiled on the house current a plaque and a bust of Marshal Laudon. ”

Laudon’s house, where Ernst Gideon von Laudon died, became the natural place for this monument to the popular leader.

Exhibition of hats


Unique exhibition dedicated to the technological process of production of the hat is on the first floor of the Visitor Centre. In addition to the main staircase is secured by a lift and wheelchair access. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre, at the entrance of the Visitor Centre.

Upon entering the exhibition will tour route directs a clear graphical diagram. Gradually familiar with the remarkable process of hat making, and it engaging and entertaining way.

The interactive elements will experience an active tour, during which you discover the magic hat emergence from the initially obtained raw materials to final product ornate. You’ll also millinery history and eventually you can play on kloboukového designer in the creative workshop.

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